Apollo 11 – A brief review

By | April 3, 2019

Apollo 11

I spent Sunday afternoon at the Movie Theater with my Fourteen-year-old Son, watching Apollo 11. The movie was masterfully done with exceptional cinematography, musical and sound editing. I was barely two years old when the Apollo mission took place and only had vague memories of the original mission, reinforced by the replays and media clips that followed. My fourteen year old enjoyed the movie as well, aided by my periodic commentary to him to point out historical and or personalized reference points of information or interest. I could not help being awestruck with what was accomplished by the teamwork, ingenuity, hard work, innovation and single-minded determination to achieve success by everyone involved with and in support of the NASA mission.

“Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.”

Above is the plaque left behind on the moon, reminding us that the underlying purpose of the mission was to signify peace for all mankind. The astronauts and engineers also mention this purpose throughout the mission. The purpose of peace for all mankind was the altruistic, single-mindedness of purpose that brought not only an entire nation together but the whole world to support the successful achievement of a seemingly impossible feat.

As I watched a former client’s role in the successful mission, I was reminded how my efforts in bringing solutions, products, and expertise to the client throughout my years of support, was just a small part in an overall sum of great accomplishments. It is this type of understanding, approach and attitude put forth in your sales efforts that legitimize the value of the role of a successful salesperson.

Set your sights high

We have all heard the cliche of setting your sights for the stars, and you might hit the moon. Etc.. Most cliches wouldn’t exist if they were not some truth to them. If you look at high performers and achievers, they set their goals high, even slightly out of reach. The simple act of setting the goal, places an intent, that subconsciously influences your actions and those around you to set about successfully completing the goal. Try it out and see if it works for you.

Goal Setting

It is easy to say to yourself, OK I want to achieve the goal a. You have the thought and it passes and you forget about it and then later you realize you are not even focused on the goal any longer and it is out of reach. If you are serious about achieving your goals then use the formula that works for expert achievers; Set the goal in your mind, envision yourself obtaining this goal. Now, write the goal down and put it on your whiteboard, your desk, your daily reminder, etc. Good, you are well on your way. Now, share the goal with your mentor, coach, family, and friends. Now, write a detailed step, road map of the set of objectives you will undertake to meet the goal. Follow through and review your plan, progress and continued actions with your friends, family, and mentors. Practice this process and let me know if you see any changes in your Sales numbers or Career path.

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