Closing the Sale

By | April 20, 2019

We’ve discussed the various frameworks and methods for achieving sales success from a Macro perspective. Ultimately, you must close your sale at the micro, transactional and interpersonal level.

Defining “Closing”:

Closing is the process or specific actions taken to finalize and gain acceptance of your solutions or products and complete the sales transaction. Essentially, “Closing” encompasses all the steps or actions, you used to reach the successful completion of a sales activity. You will find a great deal of information, techniques, advice, and consultation services around the Sales concept of Closing. In fact, take a look at the results of a search for “Closing in Sales”

Always be Closing:

I have discussed this “salesy” phrase in previous articles as somewhat of a “cheesy” or amateurish approach if taken literally. In all reality, you are practicing closing techniques and actions from the very first minute of your sales call or interaction. Every objective you identify for your client to assist them with, and every value proposition you create, is all components or techniques of closing. Each step of the way, from initial discussions to solution proposals, you will want to key in and emphasize the closing framework of concepts in order to achieve maximum results.

Close your mouth and Open your Ears:

In your initial discussions with your prospect or client, you should be asking probative and open-ended questions. Listen and wait for your questions to be answered. Follow up with more open-ended questions and wait to hear an answer. Each question is taking you further down the path towards a close. It is important to ask the right questions in the right manner. You need your prospect or customer to open up and share what objectives or pain points do they need to improve upon? If your client does not inform you of their goals, objectives and critical success factors, your chances of a successful close are slim.

The “Canned” techniques:

You will find all sorts of closing techniques, sworn to be the latest and greatest ways of getting a close. I have found most of these closing techniques are really geared toward the consumer or retail customer. You will find closing methods suggested like the “Now or Never” – buy it today at this price or never get it at the price again. Another closing method suggests summarizing each and every benefit and feature of your solution and asking when would you like it delivered? Some closer’ advise and suggest using a hard approach on a clients request for concessions, agreeing to their demands if they sign “today” In today’s professional sales arena, those techniques are antiquated and apt to turn away a prospect or client. In the modern day sales environment; you must be skilled at asking the probative questions, listening to what your prospect is saying, as well as what they are not saying. You will gain greater close ratios if you practice the question and answer, along with demonstrating the value at each sales phase.


Building and utilizing closing skills are required in order to maintain long term success in a higher end sales role. Closing skills and techniques are also very tailored and customized to each unique individual. I found an informative, educational or consultative closing approach worked best for me. I used straight forward and matter of fact approaches and found that my clients appreciated these types of interactions. I was not comfortable with high-pressure closing techniques and each time I attempted to engage those techniques, my uncomfortableness and awkwardness were glaring and left the customer or prospect uncomfortable, which would result in the opposite outcome of a closed sale. Watching others in your field and role, finding and asking a mentor for closing suggestions will help you to identify your closing technique that results in your greatest success. #GoodSelling. #SalesTips. #SalesDevelopment

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