Focus on getting them to Buy.

By | April 14, 2019

May I help you?

You are certain to lose a prospect or potential client if your approach is the same as a retail sales clerk. We are conditioned to immediately dismiss the question and return to our internal process of “buying”. We are guarded and instinctively, recoil from “selling” techniques. People love to buy things but they hate to be sold something. Most sales professionals rely on sales techniques and methodologies/process” in order to close more deals, get more sales, etc… Ironically, these type of “sales” methods may often time be triggering a negative response in our targeted prospects and clients. By shifting your focus to the process of buying, you minimize the risk of losing your sale by avoiding sales gimmicks, sales language, and sales attitudes.

Focus on Value

To focus on value does not mean you look for the highest priced or largest quantity items to make the value of your sale to increase. Rather, it is to concentrate on what value you, your company, your product or service will provide to your potential client. Determine what value propositions are most important to your prospective buyer. To understand those unique value propositions, it will require in-depth and high-level conversations with your prospects. By simply raising the conversation to this higher level type of focus and understanding, you will be providing value and will also encourage the “buying” process within your prospects and eliminates the “Sales” turn off.

They saw the light

Okay, great, you have worked closely with your potential new client, you have uncovered what value propositions are important to them. You have even gone so far as to demonstrate how your solutions will provide the value required of your prospect. After you have demonstrated your value proposition alignment with your potential customer, you gain agreement with your prospect that they believe you have the necessary value props to meet their requirements. Great, done deal then, right? Not quite.

Are you differentiated?

After you have done all the heavy lifting and gained a mutual understanding of the value proposition you will be provided to meet the value requirements of your potential customer, you must differentiate or distinguish yourself and solution as to be uniquely qualified. If you fail to take this crucial and final step, you risk losing your sale. Most sales are lost due to a lack of being differentiated. Why is that? Now that your prospective customer sees the solution matching their value requirements, your prospect, will naturally, look for similar products/services that can provide similar value. If you have not differentiated your solution, you risk having all of your efforts and work being shopped out to the lowest bidder. So how do you differentiate? You tailor your solution to demonstrate what it is that makes you and your company, solution stand out or uniquely shine. Maybe, it is a service level metric, a subject matter expert, account management structure. It is imperative that you draw those items out that provides your solution in a customized light versus a commodity.


Being value-focused is necessary to break through the “sales” hype that puts off so many people. When you are working with someone in order to see what it is their vision of value will become, you are encouraging the buying process rather than selling something to them. You will also raise the level of reputation you have with your prospects and clients as they will view you as a business person versus just a salesperson. Good selling. #SalesExcellence

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