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By | April 1, 2019


Fuel for the Soul

Music has often been referred to as food for the soul. Unquestionably, music provides an enormous amount of influence, comfort, stimulation and escape from the mundane. I discovered at an early age, music to be a creative outlet and source of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. A piano was a mandatory piece of furniture in my parents home and a few attempts at piano lessons were included in my upbringing. Unfortunately, I lacked the self-discipline and follow through to acquire the necessary rudimentary skills of reading music and time signatures. I did discover, that I had the skill of listening and reproducing sounds and tones. I enjoyed the unrestrained impromptu musical creation activities. As I matured and moved through my years, I learned to apply these skills to any instrument I came across. The guitar was the first instrument that garnered enough personal cred to develop the skills to discover a small amount of talent and accomplishment.

Stress Release

I also discovered that my concentration and attention focused on creating music was a great way to diffuse stress and anxiety. When I am playing music or arranging music, I lose my self in the process and all of life’s stresses disappear for the duration of my involvement with the music process. As time passed and life evolved, I discovered that the digital creation of music was a convenient outlet for my musical creativity.

Music Creation Software

Technology has always provided a sound/music component throughout technological innovation and evolution. From my early Mac and PC days, there always seemed to be a free music/midi program available. A lot of the early programs were difficult to use and produced poor sounding musical replication of sounds. MIDI and sound engineering have developed along the way, providing high-quality sound. With User Interfaces, and software and storage improvements, digital music creation, provides professional sound quality and ease of use. Some of today’s Music Creation Software programs, I find enjoyable to use are:

Apple Garage Band:

Garage Band by Apple is available for your IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Mac devices. The program is very robust and allows integration with your musical instruments and equipment. Garage Band also provides a large loop library that is free to use. Below is a screenshot of Garage Band:

I found the program to be very intuitive. Garage Band also provides pop up help and instructions for each menu and program item. Here are a couple of examples of my music output in Garage Band:

Apple Garage Band iTunes Playlist


Garage Band for IOS is slightly different from the Mac version of Garage Band. The Mac version provides additional mixing and sound engineering tools and capabilities. Garage Band for iOS provides the ability to play an instrument on your iPhone screen. Both programs provide Bluetooth connectivity and access to the Apple Loops library.

Dashapps has several cool music apps for mobile. Ubeats et al. Most apps allow you to save your musical creations. MusicMaker is another nice application for musical creation. Another fun program: Magix Music Maker Jam Software

Music Maker Jam by Magix is very robust and provides a social networking interface to share and collaborate with fellow musicians. It has some great loops and kits available along with an easy to use editing and creation user interface.

BlueTooth Pedals and Digital Music Accessories


As the music software industry evolves, music creation and production are becoming easier and easier to use. Please share your thoughts, experiences and musical creations in the discussion thread below. Enjoy and have fun in creating your music and building on your creativity. If you are like me, the process of creating Music will provide a great outlet for life’s stress and pressure. – Stock Music



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