Overcoming barriers, roadblocks and setbacks.

By | April 4, 2019

Human nature sometimes invokes behaviors that are contrarian and in direct conflict with the actions and steps needed to achieve success or goal attainment.   What steps can be taken to overcome the barriers, blocking success, and to provide a pathway to greater success realization?  Melania Pinola’s post at Life Hacker, she provides great insight into breaking bad habits.


From personal, and empirical, experience, the same habits and negative dynamics preventing us from success in our interpersonal lives, carry over into the professional realm.

Shelly Bullard from Mindbody spirit writes in her How to End an Unhealthy Relationship writes;

"It's time when the majority of interactions feel hurtful, and little or no change seems to be in sight."

Her article hits the mark precisely and can be easily applied to our professional lives and relationships.  I would suggest changing it to:

“It’s time when the majority of interactions deplete value and little or no future value is foreseeable.” 

Eliminating the negative or deficit creating actions and establishing new routines and habits that provide valuable and positive results, brings the opportunity for great leaps in productivity, creativity and value creation.