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Always Be Closing

Bad Vibes:

The ABC of sales states to “always be closing”. Unfortunately, the ABC concept has been grossly misinterpreted and misapplied, leading to stereotypes being placed on Sales professionals. Used car dealers and dark and shady boiler room telemarketers come to mind when the “ABC’s” of sales are being discussed. Unfortunately, the concept of always’s been closing has lost its meaning and original purpose. Do not let the negative connotations of the concept discourage you from approaching your sales efforts and embracing “Always’s Be Closing:

Listen and Earn:

Shift your conception and definition of the ABC’s of sales from the aggressive, pushy, and overbearing sales person to one of a humble, open, honest and caring professional. Be a listener and problem solver who is genuinely interested in learning about the surrounding people, so you can help solve their problems. Most importantly, be open to opportunities no matter when and where they may present themselves. Listen to the little cue’s about people and ask the big questions about the struggles and challenges of people you meet. By taking the problem solver, and meaningful approach to your interactions with others, you open yourself up to discovering solutions that will be highly lucrative.

Meet and Greet:

Here is a real-life success story, demonstrating the above-mentioned methods and activities: A local branch of a large Fortune 500 company, with deep ties to their local community, was hosting a client appreciation and charity fundraising event for their clients, suppliers, prospects and business associates. Several other large organizations had people in attendance that included a wide swath of varying industries and vertical markets. Bill, a local semi-retired business person that had recently sold his small business was in attendance. Bill, through the host and longtime acquaintance, introduced him to a large client, and he successfully executed the “Listen and Earn” to great success.

Ask and ye shall receive:

After introductions, Bill, naturally wanted to learn more about this person and his organization. He discovered that his newly introduced acquaintance, Ron, was the head of a company with a large nationwide chain of locations that served the public. Causally, Bill asked Ron what seemed to be the biggest problems or challenges with running an organization the size and scope of Ron’s company. Ron replied with a one-word response; “Cloth’s”. Ron explained that he is in the constant struggle to keep the cloth’s in adequate supply, with reliable pricing and deliveries. The cloth had become a problem that impacted both the customer service a financial interest of the company. Bill, having experience with cloth supply in his previous small business, asked Ron, if he would like him to use his experience and prior contacts to help him with his cloth problem, Ron of course, was enthusiastically accepting of Bill’s offer of help.

Reap the rewards:

The next day, Bill called Ron and learned that Ron’s company needed to order 2 million cloths at a time and that that was currently paying, $2.20 per cloth and that it was difficult to have two million cloths delivered at one time. Bill, listened and understood the problem of Ron and set out to help him solve the problem. Bill immediately called his former colleague that was his reliable, large source for cloth’s and successfully secured a bulk contract to purchase 2 million of the same cloth’s as Ron was purchasing at a price for $0.20 per cloth. Bill then contacted Ron and confirmed a contract to provide 2 million cloths at $1.20 per cloth, saving Ron and his organization, $2 million dollars. By listening and offering to help solve a problem of a newly introduced acquaintance and making a couple of phone calls, Bill netted a profit of $2 Million dollars and established a lucrative relationship beneficial to both individuals.


By listening closely, by being open to being a helper and problem solver, you may uncover that million dollar opportunity that is waiting to be solved. #GoodSelling

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