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Selling as a career choice offers the ability to earn at high-income levels comparable to Licensed Professionals and Executive leaders. In fact, in a large amount of sales positions, the income range may be completely dependent upon the sales attainment reached or generated. In most sales organizations, it is not uncommon for consistent quota attainment equates to a high six figure salary.

Sales Strategy Tools

In today’s competitive marketplace, you must leverage strategic selling and have a well-defined strategic sales plan. A strategic Sales Plan provides a framework or road map of actions and steps necessary to achieve the strategic growth objectives of your organization. Depending on the maturity or sophistication level of a Sales Organization, Sales Strategy Templates and or Forms may be created and auto populated with high level information. Or you may have to build a Strategic Sales Plan from Scratch. Ultimately, every Sales Strategy will include these two components: A target market or customer and the value proposition of your solution to the marketplace. Here are a few basic of Sales Plan examples;

The above is a high level Sales Strategy Planning Document. It provides for documenting concrete goals, the actions necessary to achieve the goals, potential additional resources needed to complete the goal and a definitive timeline.

The second sales strategy plan is more detail focused and provides item or product level detail, historical records of each item and a sales goal category at the item level broken out by month. This template could also be used to track results throughout the sales year by providing accurate sales information for each month as they occur, showing progress towards the sales goals. A Sales Strategic Plan will be dependent upon the individual or personal aspects of your individual role or business. Inbound and Outbound Sales Strategies and planning will be different as would retail sales versus wholesale or direct selling.

Sales Execution:

Successful Execution of your Sales Strategy may and should include, coaching, training, pre-sales planning and preparation, resource planning and allocation. Many sales roles and or specific products may require certification. A high level Sales Certification from an industry leader demonstrates that you have the ability to augment raw skills by being able to learn and adapt. Sandler a recognized Industry leader in the training field has Career wide training available.

There are also many products or vendor certifications that are available that will help launch your career and increase the level of recognition you garner from clients and industry associates. Here are a few related to the Software/IT areas of sales markets:

Cisco one of the top Global IT organization’s offers many tracks and areas to gain certifications and authorizations:

I have included links to certification programs or training sites for the following organizations:



Those are a few industry leaders that offer specializations and certifications to help become more knowledgeable in your area of focus but also to gain or keep a competitive advantage and increase your marketability.

Sales Lifecycle Process:

With the right strategy, go to market and knowledge, the Sales Process begins and repeats with each Sales opportunity or prospect.

  1. Identify Prospect or Opportunity >
  2. Qualify Opportunity >
  3. Demonstrate and quantify Value >
  4. Build Proposal or Solution >
  5. Negotiate Price and manage objections >
  6. Close as Win -Hand off to Solution Delivery
  7. Close as Loss – Review loss analysis.

Repeat as necessary and required to meet the metrics of the sales objectives and goals outlined in your goal setting and strategy planning. Align your pipeline and pipeline management to your activity metrics. Continue to increase your sales effectiveness by streamlining and increasing the speed at which you cycle through the sales process steps.


A strategic, and concise approach to your Sales efforts will place you at the top of your profession both in ranking but also income. A sales professional’s ability to act tacticly to align strategically is the type of business acumen Executive leadership is highly seeking and sorely missing in today’s sales organizations.

Sales Effectiveness

Strategic Sales


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